Our Talent Engagement Program


We advertise to attract and engage the market and gather applications for the role you are looking to fill immediately. We follow a stringent process to shortlist only the best talent, right for the role and for your business. We guide and drive the process including the feedback loop, keeping all applicants engaged to ensure a wonderful candidate experience..

Talent Community Building

Creating a pool of potential talent for your business is a proactive step to knowing what talent is in the market and which talent fits your requirements. Using our understanding of your business, we use a relationship centric process to find the passive talent suitable for your current and future recruiting needs. We can focus on your critical or scarces kills or have a succession planning focus. By engaging the talent and building relationships with them, we can decrease the time to hire when the roles you have pipelines for become available. This solution in combination with our digital talent attraction campaigns significantly impact the availability of talent for when roles become available.

Talent Research and Mapping

Understanding what the current market looks like, is critical when making decisions about whether to buy or build. Our team conducts thorough desktop research to provide you with an understanding of the external market from various viewpoints and benchmark this talent:

a. Demographics such as gender, race, and location
b. Qualifications
c. Current Companies
d. Years’ Experience

We can tailor the report to show specific details you require such as salary, however this does increase the time to complete the report.

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