Being able to use your current information and current structure to implement a modified and realistic digital recruitment strategy will lead you to:

1. Increased talent engagement.
2. The talent you want, comes to you.
3. Improved candidate experience.
4. Decreased time-to-hire.
5. Easier and more efficient work process with automation.

Our Talent Attraction Program

Current Talent Landscape

Unpack your current talent landscape, building your necessary pipelines from scarce, critical, succession or hard-to-fill roles. Determine your short-,medium-and long-term focus and project plan accordingly.

Employer Branding

Discover what your employer brand is how you are represented in the market and what people are saying about working for you. Define your employee persona, unpack where and how to find them plan your engagement strategy and get connecting.

Careers Page

Create a robust and user-friendly site that is aligned with search engines and is mobile friendly. Involve your current employees in the creation of content and build the pages to focus on your priority roles.

Social Media Campaigns

Define and create the correct messaging for the platforms where your talent person hangout. It's not about posting job adverts, but rather creating an awareness of who you are, what you do and attracting the right type of person to your careers page - and getting them engaged.

Email Marketing Campaigns

With the data already in your ATS/HR system, drive communication and engagement to the talent who are already engaged. Get them interested in roles that are coming up and drive an information clean up campaign - inviting all candidates to update their information.

Events - Virtual and Live

Create fun and engaging events to attract talent to your business. Keep your current employees engaged and informed, creating referral opportunities. Showcase your business in various ways to the various pools of talent you are looking to find. Drive these from your priority focus areas - and get creative.

Engagement Videos

This is a new way to get really creative in reaching your targeted talent. Use this unique way to share information about your company and what you stand for with all potential talent. You can also use the videos to keep your current employees engaged. Increase the candidate satisfaction of your process by being unique and engaging.

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